Become a Citizen Scientist

Help Scientists Predict the Sun's Effects on Earth

What is EZIE-Mag?

Want to experience the aurora from your hometown? You can with EZIE-Mag.

EZIE-Mag is a citizen science magnetometer program that will enable learners to capture science data similar to that obtained by the EZIE mission.

The program will distribute kits around the time of EZIE’s launch in September 2024 that will enable diverse communities to collect data about the connections between Earth and space.

But the program is much more than just a kit! EZIE-Mag is also a learning program that includes activities and challenges that focus on science, engineering, art, literacy and leadership, as well as social and emotional skill-building. There are many options to customize and enhance learners’ experiences.


Data Sample | Laurel, MD

The Value of Data

When collecting data, more is almost always better. The same is true for the EZIE mission. Scientists will use the data that citizen scientists collect using EZIE-Mag to give more context to the data the EZIE satellites collect in space. This will help them learn even more about Earth’s electrojets – part of the vast electrical system that form the link between Earth and space and influence how our planet experiences space weather.

EZIE-Mag Data headerEZIE-Mag DataEZIE-Mag Data