Connecting to Our Stories, Our Place, Our Planet & Our Sun through Science & Making

Get Involved

The aurora is an amazing light show that many people travel far and wide to see. With “EZIE-Mag,” a cheap science-grade ground magnetometer suite, you can experience the aurora without traveling to the North or South poles! The catch? You’ll experience it not with your eyes, but through fascinating magnetic field data that you can collect in your own backyard.

Four kids working with EZIE maker kit.


Become a Citizen Scientist

What’s a citizen scientist? A member of the general public – like you! – who collaborates with professional scientists by helping collect data about our world.

With the EZIE-Mag Maker Kit, you can join our EZIE team and collect data about the electrical currents around Earth. This will help real scientists better understand how to protect our technology from space weather. EZIE-Mag is currently being tested and will be available through both grants and open source around the time of EZIE’s launch in September 2024.